4 Ways To Check Construction Quality

If you are a homebuyer and planning to invest in an under-construction project, checking and measuring the construction quality of the project should be of uppermost importance. When investing in such a property, it is advisable to make a surprise visit to the construction site and check the construction quality.

Test the soil

The quality of soil is very crucial for built building. The soil type differs from place to place and the type of soil determines whether it can bear the foundation of a high-rise. Clay-rich soil and black cotton soil are examples of some forms of soils that are not recommended for construction as they tend to expand, swell and shrink depending upon moisture or water. A soil test is conducted before the construction process begins. You can ask for a copy of the test from your developer.

Check the structure and design

The structure and design of the building are may be difficult to Understanding if you a normal man.  so take the help of an expert to determine the design created by the architect. It is important to assess the property thoroughly for the strength to resist an earthquake of a certain magnitude.  

Inspect the wall thickness

The builders mention the size of the walls during agreement time. Take a tour to the construction site to check if he has actually put them into practice. During the check, use any key and try to press against the wall. If you can easily make a hole with it, it is evident that the developer has used low-quality material. Also, to check the hollowness of the wall, tap with your knuckles to hear the kind of sound it makes.

Look for paint and plastering quality

Determine the plastering on the outer walls. The uneven cracks on the wall plastering are an indicator that the foundation or the quality of the building construction is not good. Similarly, quality paint on the walls enhance the visual appeal and improves the longevity of the walls and wooden spaces.

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