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Low-cost villa or under construction apartment?

Property investment itself is not an easy task, let alone deciding what kind of property is best for you. One of the most common dilemmas for homebuyers is deciding whether to opt for under-construction property or a ready-to-move-in low-cost villa. To help you arrive at an informed decision, we have drawn up a comparison between […]

Why Bhoomithra Developers are highly rated in Angamaly?

We understand that home is where everyone feels secure and comfortable that brings everyone together in warmth, along with the blankets of familiarity and peace. Hence there’s no place like our own home. This fact is the key to our foray into creating residential spaces in Angamaly. Being the cultural heritage of Kerala, Angamaly is […]

4 Ways To Check Construction Quality

If you are a homebuyer and planning to invest in an under-construction project, checking and measuring the construction quality of the project should be of uppermost importance. When investing in such a property, it is advisable to make a surprise visit to the construction site and check the construction quality. Test the soil The quality […]

Advantages of buying villas in Angamaly!

Villas for sale in angamaly

Location The reason to purchase villas for sale in Angamaly can be many, within that the topmost reason might be the benefits that the location offers. Most regions of Angamaly are well developed with all amenities nearby. Shopping hubs, theatres, dine-in, hospitals, reputed educational institutions are the amenities that can be pointed. In the case […]

Benefits of living in gated community villas!

When you are about to invest your lifetime earnings into your dream home you should choose the right one that will fulfill all your needs. As a home buyer, you may get confused with the wide options of properties in the real estate market. Independent homes plotted development, budget apartments, luxury apartments, villas – the […]

Why Bhoomithra Realtors are the ideal builders in Angamaly?

Builders in angamaly

Whether you are planning to buy a home or build one, you are about to invest a huge amount to discover how you want to live. So it is necessary to ensure that it reflects your design preference and lifestyle. We Bhoomithra builders in Angamaly are dedicated in delivering projects with highest standards of craftsmanship, […]

Factors to consider when you choose a location to settle down!

A plan to buy a property may put you under enormous pressure because making the right decision is more important when have been working towards the end goal for years. Especially for a first time home buyer making a deal can be more difficult. Price for houses are increasing day by day well, cost of […]

Why you should start investing earlier?

Youth of this generation is well grown with fresh ideas and unique skills which they are proving in all area of interests but somehow real estate engagement is still low on comparison. Years back real investment is somewhat difficult and risky task due to lack of proper guidance. But now the youngsters are provided with […]