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Top 5 reasons to buy a villa during the pandemic!

The Covid pandemic is having worse effect on almost industries but, time and again real estate has proved its resilience to this major upheaval. Since the first phase of lockdown numerous companies are encouraging remote work thus lowering the necessity to live in city centre for easy commutation. This is the time to escape from […]

What makes Angamaly the hot new residential destination in Kochi?

Angamaly is a suburb neighboring the Cochin metro city. The developments of IT corridors in and around the district lead to great infrastructure development and subsequently a rise in residential as well as commercial demand in Angamaly. Now there is an interdependent market for both developers as well as buyers. Due to the availability of […]

Making Your Home Eco-Friendly

The time has come where we need to take critical measures for an eco-friendly living because these days global warming, rising energy costs and other environmental threats are becoming front-page news. Embracing new practices for a sustainable environment and changing those lifestyle habits that are slowly killing the planet can go a long way to […]