Creative ways to add more space and light to your home

Natural light flow in spacious villa is everyone’s demand when it comes to owning a villa. Whether you are in 2, 3 or 4 BHK luxury villas the space could get cramped up. If you think your walls are getting closer to you then it is the time to make some changes in your villa. In this article we have included some simple tips that make your villa more spacious and brighter.

Look at your furniture

It is nice to see variety of large furniture in your living but the giant sofa occupies a large space of your living area. Multipurpose furniture would be a great choice to save your space and make your villa look like more spacious.

Glass technique

If you have the budget then the most preferred way is to install more glass windows and doors. It creates the illusion of increased depth in your rooms. Obviously using glasses will let more light into your villas. Hence reducing wooden doors will be a great effort.

Clean windows regularly

Make sure your windows are clean enough to ensure as much as light can pass through your windows into your villas. A messy glass will won’t allow sunlight to penetrate properly.

Add temporary spaces

Buy foldable furniture that you can fold and keep aside after use. Thousands of choices are available in market choose the right one that matches your villa. This way adds more temporary spaces to your villa.

The Hive villas

The Hive villas are a villa project by Bhoomithra builders located at Thuravoor part of Angamaly.  Hive villas in Angamaly features 4 BHK independent houses that are spacious and illuminating. It is situated just 50meters from Thuravoor town junction and just 4km from Angamaly. To know more about this villa project in Angamaly reach us at or connect with us at +919946763100

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