Location or size? What is more important for a home buyer in Angamaly?

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This is a debate which every homebuyer will confront with. This is not only for home seekers in Angamaly but also in every place. There are many guidelines that can help you to choose between a large house in not so great location and small house in a great location.

Below are some of the factors to be considered

Access your requirements carefully:

Choosing of size must be based on your actual requirements. If you have a larger family or planning to one soon, then a bigger house should be preferred. In other ways if you are a nuclear family, then preferring a small space will be better.

Determine the resale value:

When it comes to resale, a house in Angamaly that is well located is likely to get more demand than a large house in Angamaly that doesn’t offer great connectivity. However a spacious house in Angamaly with high class amenities will also have a good resale value.

Keep ROI in mind:

 Bigger houses in Angamaly is more suitable for one’s own living purpose because it is more difficult to find tenants for larger houses especially if it is not in sought after location. Instead if you are looking for rental income it is better to buy small home in a better location regardless of size.

Consider an upgrade:

You should also consider rearranging, remodeling or renovating your house in future to suit your changing needs and preferences. If you find houses in Angamaly with the location that offers quick and easy access to your work place, schools, hospitals, malls, etc., then without a doubt choose that house with a better location.

In conclusion, if you are investing in houses in Angamaly purely for financial purpose, go for the better location. For your own residential purposes it may be a better idea to go for a spacious house.

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