Refresh Your House at No Cost

Refresh Your House at No Cost

The uncertainty of the lockdown has pushed so many of us to stay at home. However, many have optimized this at-home time to upgrade their houses in order to keep themselves occupied and lift their spirits, at the same time change the look and feel of their houses, now that they’re spending so much time there.

There’s nothing like a quick and easy home makeover, especially one that does not cost anything and brightens your living space doubly.

Change the focal point of a room
A few space and layout adjustments can give new life to a particular room. Changing the focal point of your room can completely change the way you look at it. For instance, try to change the arrangement of your sofas, coffee table or dining table. You can also move your artwork from one wall to another, or create a cozy, seating space near your window or balcony.

Change the colour palette or mix and match
The easiest way to change the look of your house is by changing its visual appearance. Try to club decor accessories like cushions, show pieces, rugs, books of the same colour tone together and make a cohesive section of the room. Or, you can mix and match contrasting colours to create visual interest.

Declutter and minimize
Another great revamp strategy is edit and declutter. The less you see, the more spacious your house starts appearing. Throw out things you no longer use or find an alternative way of using it. For example, old glasses or jars can be used to plant herbs, a quilt can turn into a bed headboard, or old wicker baskets can be repurposed. There is a lot of potential things you already own, you just need to look around.

DIY and reinvent
This free time at home is also great for getting together with your family to do DIY projects. Paint a shelf or chair legs, reconstruct your bookcase, add a pop of colour to your nightstand or lampshade, the possibilities are endless. There is a lot of scope for reinventing a small corner, a room, or the entire house, you just need to draw the right kind of creative inspiration.

The smallest change can instantly brighten up your living space, and it can all be done at no cost, especially useful when you can’t step out during the COVID-19 period. However, if you are looking for an entirely new change, then may we suggest a change in your living situation? It is a favorable time to start looking for a new villa. You have ample time to research as well as take advantage of the currently low-interest rates. If you wish to buy villas in Angamaly, check out Bhoomithra’s luxury properties across premium neighborhoods of Angamaly. Give yourself the opportunity to live in a truly palatial villa community with world-class amenities, and abundant scope for creative makeovers.

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