Setup a study space for your kids!

Creating a good study space has become a need for all parents especially in this new learning methodology. Concentrating in our work requires a suitable ambiance right? Likewise our kids deserve a perfect study room but it is the thing sometimes the parents overlook. No matter if you are living in a luxury house or a two bedroom apartment you can easily create a beautiful study space for your kids by following these steps.

Find the ideal space

If you have an extra space in your house where there are fewer distractions, allows enough natural light and air that is the ideal place to setup a study space. No issues if you don’t have such free space, you can transform a corner of your kid’s room to an interesting study space. The only thing to keep in mind is that it should have enough ventilation and allow natural light to pass through.

Identify good furniture

Choose the right furniture according to your child’s height and ensure their proper studying posture. You can choose from variety of study tables available online, for younger kids you can opt for cartoon or other interesting themed desks. Avoid cluttering of space with too much things instead pick only necessary things like table, chair and storage boxes. Some tables come with cabinets that can store books and other accessories such furniture will be better.

Add ventilation & lighting

A room with many windows is the best place for studying as it allows natural light and maintain fresh atmosphere. Fix bright lamps, ceiling lights or tube lights for those little eyes. You can also place a beautiful reading lamp on their table which in day time serves as a decorative element.

Wall décor

Studies shows that certain color can stimulate brain functioning. Yellow color encourages creativity, Red color can create an energizing environment but dark color is sometimes not liked by kids, while green and pastel blue creates a calming effect on mind. Introduce some wall stickers or pictures of animals whatever your kid likes, just make their study area as their favorite place.

Personalize with accessories

Pen holders, desk organizers, a dust bin are the mandatory accessories to be kept in a study area. Placing big screen computers are better than giving them mobile devices. A globe, color rugs, indoor plants, cushions and drawing board is also preferred by many according to the space available.

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