Guidelines for shifting your house

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Living in a city like Kochi gives you the freedom to unleash your full potential, dream and own a home. Which is why, many come to this beautiful city in search of jobs, make a mark and get prepared to own their dream home in this city or nearby locations like Angamaly that has given them everything. From houses for sale in Angamaly to ongoing villa projects in Angamaly, the city has a plethora of options for those who wish to own a home.

Shifting to a new home comes with a mixed bag of emotions. You have to deal with the joy and pressures of owning a house, in equal measure. While moving into a new space and setting things up your way is a delightful experience, shifting your stuff from your current house to the new house in Angamaly or anywhere can be quite a dilemma, unless you plan it well.

Below are some points to consider when you are about to shift to a new home:

Calculate your belongings: Before shifting your stuff to the new home, make a list of things that you feel you might need or never need. Very often, and as a matter of habit, you tend to take things with you simply because they have been around. But, in the case of shifting, you have to decide a good’s worth and move on if that is not required. Taking unnecessary baggage along will make it troublesome during shifting and just eat up space in your new home for no reason. So, evaluate, choose and move on.

Approach a professional packer: If electronics, furniture, art, crockery and the like, are on your list of items that need to be shifted, it would be a prudent decision to go for a professional packer and mover. Simply because bearing the cost of shifting is much better than having to deal with a broken television or a damaged couch, especially when you are in your new home.

Attention to safety: Owning a home, shifting your goods, buying things for the new home, settling down; well, you’ll have to incur expenses for all of these. During such times, always remember the adage ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ and make it a point to stay away from anything that can cause damages or loss. One of them is considering the safety of all items that need to be shifted. It’s your duty to make it a point that all items are packed in carton boxes, sealed and transported with supervision from you or some family member.

Unpack, one day at a time: Taking complete responsibility of the shifting process and ensuring no damage is caused and then taking a careless approach during unpacking can cause a lot of damage. So it is important to pay equal attention when unpacking the goods (especially electronics, crockery, furniture and art) and ensuring that all is well during and post the shifting phase. When moving to your own villa or house, prepare well for the new phase of your life making the shifting process to your new house a memorable and safe one.

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