Tips for home buyers in 2021!

Working from home became normal and people started looking for houses in small towns where they can be free from hustle and bustle. With large number of people looking for a purchase it will be a challenge for buyers to occupy their perfect home in this competitive market. We have listed below some tips that will be useful for you to get ready for the purchase.

Work with an experienced agent

Having an experienced trust worthy real estate agent in hand is great. Even everything is accessible online there are certain stages during the buying process where you want someone on your end. Agents with good negotiation skills can also help you submit more competitive offer. However you can move independently if you are connecting with trusted builders like Bhoomithra realtors in Angamaly.

Do your mortgage homework 

Save a large down payment and take time to boost your credit score first. Home prices have been on a tear in recent months but the record low mortgage rates can help offset those rising prices. Checking your credit score is now easy through online. Settle overdues if any exist and raise your score according to the budget you planned to invest. 

Tour properties safely 

Due to the spread of novel corona virus it is recommended to take virtual tours in the first stage of your property search. In case of interests raised from virtual tours you can opt for in-person home tour by following the precautions required. There are many online portals available for safe search of properties. 

Get approved

If you are really interested in a property show the seller you are serious about the offer. Doing so will benefit both buyer and seller consuming less time. A mortgage pre approval letter will also be helpful in showing your interest about a purchase. However the deal can fall through anytime if there are any major problems.

Compare offers from multiple lenders

Getting best deal on your home loan can save you lot of money. Compare offers from competing lenders as a one percent of interest can make a huge difference. A mortgage broker having relationships with multiple lenders can also help you to get a good deal.  

Negotiate with the seller

Currently there is less room for the investors to negotiate as there are plenty of buyers and not enough suitable properties in the market. As an investor you’ll need to learn to negotiate successfully to stand out from the queue, a successful real estate agent can help you in this stage.

Legal check

Before finishing the deal carefully verify the seller access and make sure the property is legally authorized. Choosing a reputed builder will make these steps out of your headache. 

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