Tips for smart youngsters planning for their dream home!

Owning our dream home can be a grueling task as there are bunch of choices to choose from in case of location, property type, budget and more. Thus it requires lot of research and time to get into a decision. Youngsters of this generation also see buying a home as their top priority in their life goals. They feel it is better to start early when it comes to the biggest investment of life. Here are few tips that might be useful for achieving your goal.

Build your income

When it comes to property buying setting up of down payment will also seems a big task. Range of down payment can start from 10% of the total property value. If you build a steady income the task will get easier so try expanding your income, avoid waste spends, save your maximum. 

Find your budget

For finding your budget first categorize your entire expenses from rent to dining. There are many apps available in this digital world to make every step easier. You can record your income, expenses, savings and plan budget accordingly. Once you are done with budget fixing way for further steps will be cleared. 

 Know what you want

Analyze your requirements and fix the type of your property first. Depending upon the needs of your family members choose the type of your property whether it is a flat or independent villa, two BHK or three BHK, number of car parking, with or without swimming pool and so on. Know the fact that houses outside the city costs much low than the ones at the centre of city. Decide between commutation and costs. 

Improve credit score

A good credit score improves chances of low interest rates. Analyze your score online or offline, pay your outstanding dues fully, handle credit card limit carefully. If you opt for a home loan with low credit score you may end paying much more than your actual loan amount.  

Compare home loans

Just like comparing your property type compare home loans descriptions of reputed lenders. There are many websites available to show detailed analysis on home loan interest rates, repayment ways, late payment fees, pre-closure charges, etc. This will help you to figure out the actual cost of borrowing. 

When you are done with all the above steps it is time to find a good dealer. Search for top builders in the preferred location and visit their properties. We at Bhoomithra builders have finished multiple villa projects in and around Angamaly. If you have an eye on the hot residential destination of Kochi visit us at to have a look at our ongoing villa projects in Angamaly. 

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