Top 5 reasons to buy a villa during the pandemic!

The Covid pandemic is having worse effect on almost industries but, time and again real estate has proved its resilience to this major upheaval. Since the first phase of lockdown numerous companies are encouraging remote work thus lowering the necessity to live in city centre for easy commutation. This is the time to escape from the uncertainties of living in your rental space. Significance of having real estate investments in everyone’s portfolio is high and below given are the top 5 reasons to perform it during this pandemic. 

1.Market booms after a crisis

It is a known fact that real estate prices rise after every crisis so investing right now will reap the benefits of appreciation in the future. Since the home loan rates are now in their bench mark demand for properties also will increase over time. 

2.Best Deals

As the crisis hit the society extensively buying decisions of un-essentials might get changed. Here is where best deals are introduced. Many reputed builders across the country including Bhoomithra developers have come up with great deals which home buyers might not experienced before. Their lucrative payment plans and attractive prices made this the best time for property buying. 

3.Relaxed interest rates

Recently Reserve Bank of India has reduced the interest rates like never before. This helped to reduce home loan interest rates considerably for supporting individuals to purchase their property even in the crisis. It is recommended that home buyers and real estate agents should not wait for these rates to dip again. 

4.Stable asset

One of the top reasons is that a property is consistently non volatile while the stock market may change overnight. This great opportunity to own a home with great deals at low interest rates might not come again instead there are great chances of price hike in real estate after a crisis. All above a few cents of land in this Earth is always an unparallel security for future. 

5.Time at your disposal

Now there is ample amount of time for you to make a deep research on real estate market.  Choose between your most preferred locations, negotiate with realtors for best pricing of the property you dreamt off. 

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