What makes Angamaly the hot new residential destination in Kochi?

Angamaly is a suburb neighboring the Cochin metro city. The developments of IT corridors in and around the district lead to great infrastructure development and subsequently a rise in residential as well as commercial demand in Angamaly. Now there is an interdependent market for both developers as well as buyers. Due to the availability of large employment opportunities, tenants from various part of the country also willing to permanently reside in this region. The great upsurge of residential demand is because of reasons like connectivity, climatic condition, Cochin IT hub, etc. 


Angamaly is one of the ancient Christian centres of Kerala and is enriched with cultural and devotional centres. The locality is well connected by all means of transport. It has a state owned industrial estate having numerous renowned factories. Other major developments proposed are expected to catapult the town as a prime part of Cochin city in upcoming years. The weather condition in this region is also quite good.  


Residents of Angamaly enjoy great connectivity to all part of the city. The presence of Cochin international airport is a great attraction of Angamaly. The town lies at the intersection of main central (MC) road and the national highway thus providing great roadway transport. Angamaly railway station is the halting point for almost 46 trains including passenger and express trains. There are only few residential areas offering three ways of transport such effectively. 

IT Hub of Cochin

 There is vast number of multinational companies in Kakkanad IT hub offering bunch of job opportunities every year.  The hub is just 25km away from Angamaly town proving better commutation thus shines as the perfect area for settling down

Education is also the chief amenity every home seekers looks for. Angamaly has the top most schools including Viswajyothi CMI public school, Jyothis central school and more offering all standards of education. Top higher education institutions like De Paul Institute(DIST), Federal Institute of science and technology(FISAT) also comes under Angamaly. 

All these reasons made Angamaly a hot residential destination. At Bhoomithra, we understand the importance of living in such a prime region and have developed many residential villas in and around Angamaly. Call us at 9946763100 or visit bhoomithra.com to know more about our ongoing villa projects in Angamaly.

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